Album (USA Only) - "Into the Light" - Released on November 4th, 2017 - CD

USA Only.


Iconic Eye release their second album, 'Into the Light', this album is a transitional album to take fans along from the first male orientated album to the new female fronted format.


The new songs feature the new lineup and the cd will be fully signed.

The album consists 11 tracks with 5 re-recordings of songs from the first album plus 6 brand new songs.


Am I the one

You make it

Those tears won't last

Let it rain down

Black Country Lady

Better place

Black heart

All she needed

Thanks for the memories

Don't stop me from leaving

Never get through the night.

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Dave Crompton's (Fireworks Mag) - quote

"sumptuous AOR with a Melodic Rock edginess to each and every track"

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